Equipment – Sales, Service & Maintenance

Terms, conditions and operating principals: EAGLE STUDIO (Pty) Ltd.

(registration number and other documentation on request)

Office hours Monday – Friday from 09h00 – 16h30

Contact details: Landline: 021 858 1474

Cell: 082 500 2705 / 082 500 2435

Equipment Sales, Service & Maintenance

 Hourly rate: R 380.00 p/hour

Travelling costs

 R 5.80 per kilometer: 

(includes travel time)    

No account holders

–    Meaning, no statements will be sent, and sale is regarded to be cash sale         with no credit period.

–          Delivery time will be indicated on tender / quote

–          Official orders only, with all relevant company information when          placing order

–          No supply, unless proof of payment is supplied and reflecting on our bank statement


Sales Equipment:

–          Terms will be indicated with quote / tender

–          70% down payment with order

–          20% down payment with presentation of shipping

documents on arrival South African Port

–           10% down payment with successful commissioning

of equipment and two training sessions

After sales service on equipment

–          Guarantees will be met as per original quote / tender

–          Only equipment sold by Eagle Studio PTY (LTD) will be serviced – unless agreed to otherwise

–          Service by appointment and pre- scheduled mutually agreed time and day

–          Call outs will carry minimum standard fee of R380.00 –

–          Emergency call outs fee R650.00  – thereafter hourly rate will be applied of R380.00 per hour

–          Sales on spares, does not constitute the installation of it – hourly rates and travel expenses will be applied.



– Cash

Domestic Deliveries by Courier:

Star Express  couriers is our appointed freight company for South Africa

Cost of freight to be announced on request and be for the account of the client / recipient, unless specified otherwise.

Director and Steward:   A S van Lingen

Full Definition of STEWARDSHIP

1:  the office, duties, and obligations of a steward

 2:  the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially :  the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care <stewardship of natural resources>