model  G1290s


  1.  RECI high-quality CO2 laser tube
  1.  Transmit files directly from CorelDraw, AutoCAD etc
  2.  High precision imported linear guide rail
  3. Unique deceleration design makes mechanical system move stably and smoothly
  4. High-quality 3M synchronous belt
  5. All mechanical motion, optics parts and other accessories are mold design
  6. Perfect safety protection device protects human body by open protection
  7. Z axis has electrical motorized up-down platform; height reaches 40cm


Eagle G1290 S CnC Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines


Eagle GR 1290 S

Cutting area

1200 x 900

Laser power

60w or 80w

Laser type

Sealed CO2 Laser tube

Max Cutting speed




Power supply

220 v

Operating temperature

0 – 45°C

Operating humidity


Min. shaping character

1.0x 1.0mm English

Graphic format accepted


Compatible Software

CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD

Driving system

Stepper motor

Cooling mode

Water-cooling with protection system

Gross power


Overall machine dimension

1360 x 1020 x 1070mm

Auxiliary equipments

Exhaust-fan, air-exhaust pipe

Net weight


  • Rotary axis
  • Red Ray
  • Auto Focus
  • Honeycomb Table
  • Up-down Clump
  • Industrial Water Chiller

Industries & Materials Used:

  • Wood, Lamps, MDF or Supawood, Invites, Clocks, Veneer, Balsa
  • Perspex, Lettering, Plastic Fabrication, Point of Sale, Display & Stands
  • Paper, Wedding Industry, Decorating, Gift Boxes, Business Cards
  • Arts & Crafts possibilities are limitless
  • Signage, Reception Signage, Point of  Sale
  • Gifts Corporate, Pens, Name Badges,
  • Leather, Shoes, Belts, Invites, Hats,
  • Ceramic Engraving
  • Garments, Engraving on Jeans
  • Shoes, High fashion
  • Model Cutting
  • Packaging, Designed Boxes
  • Toys, Wooden, Names, Wall Decor
  • Bamboo
  • Non Metal Materials
  • Glass Engraving on Bottles,
  • Mirror, Perspex, Engraving Logo’s
  • Scrapbooking, Rubberstamps, Fleece, Fabric, Felt
  • Jewellery, Frames,
  • Events, Bunting, Banners,
  • Interior Design, Leather,  Cutting & Designing Imitated Grass
  • Furniture
  • Cork

Eagle CnC Laser is ideal for Cutting & Engraving on wide variety of materials and suitable for most industries, from small offices or home industry to large business also boast as front line to clientsus 5070 is our entry model and is ideal