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Eagle Studio is a professional South African Importer and Distributor of CnC Routers and CnC Lasers that can be used in Different Industries with Variety of Materials.
Eagle Studio we also  provide:
                        Materials that we work with in different Industries:

                        ALUMINIUM – for Letters, Room Dividers, Signage, Logos,

PERSPEX – for Furniture, Logos, Letters, Logos, Signage, Windows, Table & Window Advert Stands, Weddings, Trophies, Name Badges, Corporate Gifts, Decor, Interior Designing Room Dividers, Headboards for beds, Wine Industries, Photo Engraving, Clocks,

WOOD –  Cutting & Engraving, Kiddies & Flat Pack Furniture, Educational Toys, Arts & Crafts, Weddings, Packaging, Event Decor, Front Door Designing and Cutting, Name Badges, Kitchens, Room Dividers, Model Building, Birchwood, MDF, Cutting

PLASTICS – PAPER – Stencil Making, Weddings and Events, Scrap Booking, Decor, Packaging

Woodworking, Sheet Aluminium, Plastic Fabrication, Sign Making, Ship Building, Mould Making, Model Building, Kiddies Furniture, Educational Toys, Perspex Furniture, Interior Designers,  Jewelry, Rubber Stamps, Event Décor, Packaging, Scrap Booking, Stencil Making, Fashion, Leather Shoes, Marking, Aluminium, Packaging, Corporate Gifts, Weddings, Furniture, Room Dividers, Trophies, Name Badges, Hobbies, Décor, Wine Industry, Paper, Kitchens Cabinets, Headboards,  Front Door Making, Glass Cutting and Engraving, Photo Engraving, Clocks, Food,

Materials that can be used: Aluminium, Perspex, Wood, Steel, Stainless Steel, Composites, Stone/Marble/Granite, Leather, Paper, Cardboard, Rubber, Vinyl, Materials, Hardboard, Copper, Brass, Supawood, MDF Wood,


Eagle Studio Knorhoek Estate Sir Lowry’s Pass

Office 021 858 1474


 Cell: 082 500 2705Soekie / Suzette